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Get tickets for Pearl Jam’s 2022 European tour


Prior to their fame, Pearl Jam performed throughout the 80’s. Many still believe that this band was the first to start the grunge music trend.

The grunge movement lost most of its famous groups like Nirvana, Alice In Chains, and Soundgarden, and now only the renowned Pearl Jam remains, still performing on the stage since they gained widespread popularity in the early 1990’s. They are ready to do a 2022 tour around Europe. Go to Cheapo Ticketing to see if they are going to perform in your city and get your tickets to watch this legendary band.

Prior to their fame, Pearl Jam performed throughout the 80’s. Many still believe that this band was the first to start the grunge music trend. After a couple of clashes between members of the group and even a heroin overdose in the early stages of the group, a couple of members left. Since then, it has remained relatively stable.

Eddie Vedder is the legendary frontman of this band. He joined the group in 1990. Their first album, Ten (1991), was a great hit, featuring songs such as Alive and Jeremy, and the two subsequent albums went on to achieve multiple platinum certifications as well. In addition to his many years of collaboration with the band, the musician has appeared in a number of films, with his work on “Into the Wild” (2007) serving as his first solo album. Additionally, Vedder is a well-known activist who has raised cash for a variety of causes, including the release of three West Memphis residents from prison, among others.

Initially, the group name was different: Mookie Blaylock, after the legendary basketball player who inspired them. However, after signing a recording contract with Epic Records, the band's name was changed. Eddie Vedder has stated in interviews that the band's name, Pearl Jam, was inspired by his great-grandmother Pearl, who was known for her ability to make a delectable peyote jam. In reality, the name Pearl Jam was made by accident and chosen due to how it sounds. Unfortunately, the story about grandma was a group’s gaffe.

The group became so popular that they even overshadowed Kurt Cobain. He said Pearl Jam "sold out" and was corrupt. Cobain eventually met Eddie Vedder in person, and the two became strong friends as a result of their meeting.

Unfortunately, while touring in Europe after releasing the Binaural album in early 2000, performances were halted due to an accident. It all happened in front of the stage in Roskilde, Denmark. The band stopped playing in an attempt to quiet the crowd, but it was unsuccessful. Nine people were killed in the mob crush. The remaining two shows were canceled, and the band thereafter went on hiatus for an extended period of time.

At the start, all the blame went to the group itself, and only when the trial started was it shown that the concert organizers were to blame, since they had failed to provide an acceptable level of security. They even thought about disbanding the group altogether, but after a lot of reflection, they decided to continue. In a show of respect, they decided to not perform a song called "Alive" on stage anymore.

In 2003, the band recorded the song "Man of the Hour" for Tim Burton's film "Big Fish," which was released the following year. It earned Pearl Jam a Golden Globe nomination shortly after its release.

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