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Hotelbeds Group update on Product Management strategy


Structure confirmed for newly launched Product Management department; By end of year technology platform will be fully integrated for all the Group’s brands.

Palma - Hotelbeds Group, the world’s leading bedbank, has provided a further update on the strategy and plans behind the recent launch of the Product Management department, following the integration of Tourico Holidays and GTA into the Group last year.

The Product Management department – which only came in to creation at the end of last year – has now confirmed its senior leadership structure. This follows the news in January confirming that Peter Mansour will be the Director of the Product Management department, where he acts as the bridge between the commercial and technology functions to ensure a consistent and aligned approach to product management across the Group.

The leadership team of Product Management will be made up of nine executives, encompassing roles for a Chief of Staff and a leader covering each of the eight key areas: Finance, CRM, and Backoffice applications; B2B Web clients; Client API; Supplier Web & API; B2B2C; Applied Science; Core Platform; and Product Performance.

The news forms part of the continuation of the Group’s announcement in the spring, when the top 350 managers in the newly revised structure were announced, combining the best talent from Tourico Holidays, GTA and Hotelbeds.

This also follows the recent news confirming that all of the Group’s bedbank brands – Hotelbeds, Bedsonline, Tourico Holidays, and GTA – will all be transitioned onto one technology platform by the end of this year.

Carlos Muñoz, Bedbank Managing Director at Hotelbeds Group states, “Peter’s wide ranging product management experience in companies such as Microsoft and eBay has enabled him to quickly inject some innovative thinking into our Group. He has established a clear strategy for the Product Management department and already they are delivering benefits for our partners everywhere. This is clearly a winning leadership team and I know they´ll make an enormous contribution to finding more cost effective and revenue-generating ways of connecting our 170,000 plus hotels to our 60,000 plus travel intermediaries globally.”

Peter Mansour, Director of Product Management, said “It was a great honour to be chosen to lead the establishment of the Product Management function at such a key moment of the integration of GTA and Tourico Holidays into the Group. Over the last six months we have all worked hard to establish the department and decide on the optimum team structure, combining the best-of-the-best from the three companies. Together we look forward to delivering even greater value to all our partners everywhere.”

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