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How to get ready for Kilimanjaro hiking


Traveling is best to start with informational preparation

Kilimanjaro is the mountain from which the world seems completely different. This volcano, with its famous snow, gives you emotions that you will never experience on the plains. But before you go Kilimanjaro hiking, you need to prepare for it. Moreover, some mountains require a special approach.
Where to start from
Traveling is best to start with informational preparation. You always need to learn more about the mountain before a personal acquaintance. Reading books, watching movies and YouTube videos is the best you can do.
Well, after that, you should pay attention to such points as: 
  • choice of the company
  • the documents
  • physical training
  • equipment and first aid kit
We will talk about all this further.
Physical form
Kilimanjaro hiking does not require ice training, which greatly simplifies the matter. There are no areas on this mountain where you need to be a PRO climber, so we skip one of the points.
But functional preparation, of course, is worth it. And we would advise you to start with normal walking or jogging about two months before climbing.
What to take, what to leave
In the case of Kilimanjaro, fortunately, there are porters on the mountain — hardy local guys who help tourists carry equipment to the top and lower it back. However, they charge extra money for overloading, so check with your guide in advance for the allowable weight of a “cargo” backpack. 
Let's now analyze what should be with you.
Big backpack
Here are the things that will be needed only in the evening:
  • a tent
  • a sleeping bag
  • a mat
  • snacks for the next few days
  • those things that you will put on later

This backpack is the most significant one.

Small backpack
In this backpack, we put those things that you need with you on the route. And it is very important, on the one hand, not to overload yourself, and on the other hand, not to forget anything important. There should be:
  • drinking water
  • raincoat
  • jacket
  • headlamp
  • napkins
  • small snack
  • sunblock
  • insect spray
This backpack is less important since all of this can be bought right in Africa, what can’t be said about your documents, etc.
First aid kit
The guide should have a first aid kit with medicines for all occasions. But if you have any special drugs (for allergies, for example), then, of course, you should take them. You can also take plasters with you — a little thing that you may urgently need and save you from discomfort.
Safety in the mountains
The first thing to take care of is experienced mountain guides. These are the guys who can prevent any dangerous situation, guide you through all the obstacles, and make your trip unforgettable. Of course, if they are competent enough. Thus, choose your agency wisely.
Get yourself ready
If you prepare well for the first ascent, you will find new emotions that cannot be compared with anything.
We hope this material will make your Kilimanjaro hiking an excellent experience and the start of a new hobby.
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