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How to thoroughly clean a house after a long trip: A room-by-room guide


Deep cleaning is very refreshing. It's definitely a lot of hard work that seems to take ages until it’s done. Deep cleaning your house will elevate your mood and make you enjoy every part of your home as if it’s brand new.

One of the toughest and most unpleasant tasks of all is cleaning a house, especially after a long trip. Everyone loves to have a nicely cleaned and arranged house but we all hate taking the steps leading up to that. When a house is closed for a long time, dust starts piling up everywhere, and there is always the dreaded possibility of discovering some company like hidden rodents or mold. When starting a deep clean process for your house, the hardest part is knowing where to begin, which rooms should you start with, what cleaning products and materials you’ll need, and a lot of other confusing details. 

One of the most efficient tips for cleaning is breaking up the house into smaller parts. This is going to make your task easier and more doable, otherwise, you might feel that you’re in an endless process of continuous torture. There are basic tasks that can make the rest of the cleaning more manageable, much faster, and far less tiring. Read our room-by-room guide to know how to thoroughly clean a house after a long trip.

Declutter the room before deep cleaning
Before you start with the real work there’s an important step that will ease the rest of your task. Removing all chaotic clutter that does not belong to the room you’re cleaning will clear your area and give your eye a better vision of unwanted dirt. When you declutter you’ll feel that half of the job is already done and you will be motivated to jump into the details. If the house is closed for a long time, the chance that clutter is already piled up is quite huge. In order to make your task easier and help you avoid burning out, you can put aside all the unwanted stuff in a storage place to deal with it some other time. 

Reach out for the high, go low
Hardest parts and the ones you can’t easily reach; the best thing is to start with cleaning places that are hard to reach, like ceilings, trims, walls, and light fixtures then go downwards. Using the right tools like microfiber mops will make it easier for you to reach out to high surfaces. This is where you should start so if any dirt or dust falls down, it won’t ruin what you've already cleaned. Windows will come in your way, when they’re clean they make a huge difference to the room. Use the vacuum to clean sills and tracks first then spritz an efficient window cleaner to make it shine.  This technique of going high then low is one of the smartest tips you should follow if you decide to deep clean your house. 

Vacuum and remove the dust
When you start the process of deep cleaning your house, speed and efficiency are what you really need to get through with your mission. Removing dust from all surfaces, such as tables, chairs, picture frames, shelves, and TV screens is crucial. Remove all belongings from shelves and surfaces, and make sure you give them a nice buff from the dust. After the dust removal, use a polishing product and a cloth for the final touches and then put everything back in place neatly. Vacuuming comes next, it is a quick process to make sure that the dust layers lying on your sofas, cushions, and curtains are gone without having to wash them. All you need to do is install the brush attachment to your vacuum cleaner. It will help clean all the fabrics in the room, and so there’s no need to remove your curtains, wash them then put them back.

Floors deep cleaning
If you've always wanted to reach every inch but never had the time nor the energy to move your furniture out of your way and start cleaning the floors, here’s what you should do. Moving large pieces of furniture can scratch your floors, so instead use furniture slides and stick them to the legs of your furniture before you push them. If your floor is covered with carpet, vacuuming is not enough. If you want a real cleaning process, consider renting a professional grade cleaner. For corners and baseboards, use the thin tube attached to your vacuum. Thud is efficient in getting rid of hidden dust.

When cleaning a bedroom, you’ve got one of two options whether you go deep into closets and drawers or focus on cleaning the room only without the hassle of more details. Our advice to you is to stay focused on the basics as mentioned before, just like attics and basements they also need to be kept aside for a day on their own. Unfortunately, attics and basements are the ones full of trouble, which is why professionals at Attic Projects Company recommend that a homeowner should reach out for help if needed. Cleaning, sanitizing, rodent removal, and mold remediation are very important to ensure that your house is fully cleaned up.

Kitchens and bathrooms
Deep cleaning your bathrooms is quite an easy task when compared to the rest of the house. Now, you might suffer a bit from soap scums that lie on walls and shower doors, but if you use vinegar, baking soda, and a hard brush to remove them, you’ll be amazed by the results. Apply the same to toilet bowls as well. Kitchen cleaning requires a lot of work because of the details and the appliances that may have been sitting there for ages. Kitchen cabinets should be wiped and polished every now and then. Kitchen appliances must be moved to clean the dirt and grease sticking underneath. If stains are somehow stubborn, you should try vinegar and baking soda to help you remove grease and leave the floors looking shiny.

Photo by Sidekix Media on Unsplash

Deep cleaning is very refreshing. It's definitely a lot of hard work that seems to take ages until it’s done. Deep cleaning your house will elevate your mood and make you enjoy every part of your home as if it’s brand new. Most people hate this process but the results are always worth the effort and time spent to make it shine again. For better results, start with amends and maintenance if any is needed. Also, decluttering is important for a fresh start, no matter how neat it may seem there are always things you need to get rid of in this process.

Main photo by Naomi Hébert on Unsplash

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