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Intrepid Travel launches global vaccine equity campaign


Αdventure travel company announced a series of initiatives as part of a new global vaccine equity campaign. Intrepid Travel will be increasing on-the-ground resources in support of vaccine access and education, introducing a new policy that will mandate vaccines for all travelers and tour leaders, and committing $100,000 AUD towards improving global equitable access to COVID-19 vaccines.

NEW YORK – Ιntrepid Travel has launched a new campaign to advocate for the safe return of international travel and improve equal access to COVID-19 vaccinations around the world. Current data shows only 0.3% of doses worldwide have been administered in low-income countries, a number that must be corrected to save lives, restart economies, and meaningfully rebuild the tourism industry.

Intrepid’s global vaccine equity campaign will focus on three actions: improving vaccine access & education, mandating vaccines for travelers and tour leaders, and a donation (via The Intrepid Foundation) to support global equitable access to COVID-19 vaccines.

Access & Education
Intrepid has started mobilizing their 23 operational offices across 5 continents to offer on-the-ground support ranging from logistical and transportation resources to training and education. Examples include: 

  • In Cuzco, Peru, Intrepid started offering free transportation to a vaccination hub for trekking porters and their families, as well as accommodation. Intrepid’s Deputy Operations Manager, Maritza Chacacanta, also began advocating for a new site to be opened closer to the porters’ communities. At the start of July 2021, Intrepid had 0% of porters vaccinated. When the new site opened in Calca, that number jumped to 80% by August 1, 2021.
  • In Sri Lanka, to help address vaccine hesitancy, Intrepid’s Regional General Manager of Asia, Anu Karunatilaka, who is based in Colombo, hosted an information and Q&A session with Professor Neelika Malavige, a member of the World Health Organization’s technical advisory committee and the International Society of Infectious Diseases, to provide tour guides with access to quality information and education about COVID-19 vaccines.
  • Globally, Intrepid has also offered paid vaccination leave to make it easier for all staff to receive vaccinations as soon as they are eligible.

Intrepid’s philanthropic arm, The Intrepid Foundation, has committed to raise AUD $100,000 for UNICEF Australia, including an upfront kickstart donation of AUD $50,000 to their Give the World a Shot fundraising appeal. UNICEF is leading the largest vaccine procurement and supply operation ever on behalf of the Global COVAX Facility, which will see two billion vaccine doses delivered in 190 countries to those who need them most by the end of 2022. One hundred percent of donations will go towards universal access to COVID-19 vaccines, supporting COVAX in their mission to vaccinate 30 percent of the global population by the end of 2021. 

Intrepid has introduced a new mandatory vaccination policy for all travelers and tour leaders from September 1, 2021*. Until now, Intrepid required either proof of vaccination or a negative test within 72 hours. Even with those requirements, 94% of travelers on Intrepid trips since May 2021 have been fully vaccinated, which will now be a requirement. Intrepid was clear that moving to a vaccine mandate for trips would only be possible with additional commitments to ensure tour leaders and the communities they visit are given equal access to vaccines. (*the vaccine mandate excludes limited local travel in Australia & New Zealand due to strict government lockdowns and international border closures)

“We are introducing a global vaccine mandate to not only ensure the safety of our travelers but the safety of our tour leaders, their families and the communities that we visit,” says James Thornton, CEO of Intrepid Travel.

“Unfortunately, the reality is that access to vaccines is not equal globally, and we cannot responsibly require leaders to be vaccinated if we don’t also help to advocate and improve their access to them,” he adds.

“Intrepid was founded on ideals of inclusivity and equality, and the entire travel industry must step-up to acknowledge and act on the current inequalities that persist around global access to COVID-19 vaccines. Ending the pandemic is not only about you and your vaccine. Just because travelers are vaccinated and ready to explore doesn’t mean that communities are vaccinated and ready to host you. Together, we have a responsibility to ensure that everyone can safely and fairly access vaccinations in every country around the world” he adds.

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