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Safest travel destinations during the coronavirus pandemic and after it


All eyes are now on the tourism industry's next steps, whether and how they will be proactive in courting eager travelers.

Optimism is growing again after months of confusion in the wake of the global pandemic. Countries are reopening their borders slowly and individuals are cautiously looking to move again. All eyes are now on the tourism industry's next steps, whether and how they will be proactive in courting eager travelers.

Miriandhoo Island, Maldives
With 3,000 cases reported the archipelago moved quickly to put restrictions in place and close the borders; however, as of July 15, the paradise islands' borders reopened to all tourists without quarantine restrictions. The Westin Maldives Miriandhoo Resort is an idyllic getaway with luxury water villas and a wellness center if you want to settle somewhere for some much needed R&R.

The Caribbean
The Caribbean leads the way in preventing disease outbreaks, according to research. Here, Barbados, St. Vincent and the Grenadines, St. Lucia, St. Martin, Suriname, and Trinidad, and Tobago have experienced only one disease outbreak each since 1996, making this coveted region one of the safest in terms of the least threat of disease. What's more, it is currently one of the most accessible regions for Americans in the COVID-19 era.

Madeira Islands, Portugal
Madeira is the safest European destination this winter. The Portuguese island has been selected as the best destination for the Christmas holidays with up to 12 times fewer cases of Covid-19 per million inhabitants than other European destinations and no deaths. In addition to the "Safe and Clean" label established by the Portuguese National Tourist Office, Madeira's managers have established very rigorous sanitary charters to welcome travelers in the best safety conditions, while guaranteeing a vacation of leisure, discovery, and relaxation. They do not impose any quarantine on arrival for travelers who have undergone the Covid-19 test prior to their trip.

Martinique Lesser Antilles
These last few months have been tough and what you need most is to get away from it all, relax in the sun, and admire breathtaking scenery? If you answered yes to all of the above, Martinique is for you. With almost 15 times fewer serious cases of Covid-19 than Western European countries, Martinique is considered one of the safest destinations in Europe. A true dream destination, Martinique is also one of the best destinations for a gastronomic or sporting vacation, exceptional excursions on the island of flowers or unusual activities such as canyoning in the massifs of the Mount Pelée volcano or swimming with turtles and multicolored fish, as well as discovering the seabed of this unique destination in the world. This Lesser Antilles island is a gentle blend of rugged hills, paradisiacal beaches, exotic gardens, stores and Caribbean cafes. A true gift of nature, Martinique will seduce you with its spectacular natural scenery. Up to 15 times less affected by Covid-19 than some European countries, Martinique is a safe destination for a dream vacation in 2021.

Tbilisi - Georgia
Tbilisi is the capital of Georgia, a region where the coronavirus has been one of the least affected in the world. With interventions that kept the outbreak at an incredibly low level, the country responded very quickly. There more than 260 times fewer cases of Covid-19 in Georgia than in the most affected European countries. If the country reopens its borders to travelers on 1 July, a number of health measures will also be placed in place to protect travelers, but also its residents, for a safe and relaxed holiday. There is no ill even in taking a small 300 dollar loan and buy a ticket to Tbilisi. This crisis in health has made us reconsider the way we fly. We want to enjoy new things more than ever. Tbilisi is just what we need now: an open destination, better than any other, mixing past, present, and future, culture, and leisure. More trendy than ever in 2020, the capital of Georgia is the perfect destination for lovers of music, gastronomy, diversity and architecture. The impact of "wow" is guaranteed.

Cavtat - Croatia
The destination for you is Cavtat, popular with celebrities, lovers, families, cuisine, culture lovers, nature, water sports! Croatia is one of the European countries less affected by the Coronavirus, with up to 20 times less infected per million inhabitants than in the most affected countries. Croatia is also one of the European countries with the highest number of hospital beds per capita. Dubrovnik hospital is a 20-minute drive from Cavtat and the airport is only 10 minutes away. Need another reason to choose Cavtat for a vacation? Cavtat has a huge selection of private villas, tourist apartments, and small family hotels (they are a favorite among travelers this summer). In addition, Croatia has implemented hygienic and sanitary measures in the larger hotels.

Kotor - Montenegro
While there have been very few cases of coronavirus in Montenegro (60 times less than in the most affected countries), Kotor remained a green zone during the crisis with no coronavirus cases detected. Did you know that Montenegro has more hospital beds available per capita than Norway, Ireland, and Canada? Kotor is one of Europe's most beautiful destinations: a romantic destination for lovers of nature, a gastronomic destination for foodies, a hyper instagrammable (yes, that’s the word) destination, a haven of calm for lovers of nature, hiking, biking, or cycling. In order to last a lifetime, explore this wonderful destination and treat yourself to memories. 

Just don't forget to pack a fashionable face mask and some hand sanitizer in your suitcase before you leave.

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