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Seven must-use travel management software tools in 2022


On the list below, you will find the 7 most effective and helpful travel editing apps that will turn a hard routine into a pleasure.

Traveling is one of the most beloved hobbies nowadays. Thousands of people travel around the world daily. Some people do it for work, others for fun or relaxation, while the rest of them just want some adrenaline in their lives. No matter what your goal is, modern technologies are created to help you manage your trip successfully.

Unlike transcription services online, travel managing apps cannot be used in your browser and require instant download and most likely, registration. They are worth it though since they will facilitate your life and any trip a lot. You should use only top-quality and really efficient apps though, otherwise, it will be just a waste of time. 

On the list below, you will find the 7 most effective and helpful travel editing apps that will turn a hard routine into a pleasure. Pick the best tools only that are highly recommended by experts. Make your trip unforgettable and smooth. 

How to choose the best travel management tool in 2022
Various travel management apps can be successfully used for booking your trips, managing your anticipated travels, and keeping track of your previous trips. One of the perks of such software is automated vendors and travel invoices. It makes any trip really easier than ever.

For businesses, such apps are a real treasure. They can book their business trips, see how much money is spent on them, and how to reimburse their employees. The usage of travel companies or software with high commissions and markups has always accompanied big companies. 

Now, thanks to various travel managing apps. employees can book their trips themselves using corporate tools. It should include the travel policy of the company and payment details so that no more reimbursements would be required. Businesses should use such travel apps just like they use a transcription service to facilitate their workflow.

Comprehensive travel management platforms encompass all functionality. They manage the data of travelers, policy creation, booking, automatic spending, etc. Such apps appear to be the best solutions in the modern market. They are still different though. 

Different apps have different features and functions. To pick the best travel management app, you should pay attention to a range of crucial factors:

  • User-friendly booking process
  • Self-booking option for travelers
  • Round-the-clock customer support
  • Automated travel policy 
  • No extra costs for travel support
  • Travel expenses reports
  • Consolidated invoicing
  • English audio text (optional)

The business travel industry keeps growing and you should better catch up with it. New technologies and solutions keep popping up daily, so you should definitely enjoy them and pay attention to them. 

Top seven travel management tools to use
Now, as you know what travel management software is created for and what features you should pay attention to, it would be great to find out which of those apps are the most efficient and helpful for all travelers. By the way, if you prefer watching travel bloggers on YouTube or social media and often utilize their travel tips and recommendations, it’s not necessary to replay the video all the time to recall the required information.

You can just apply to a transcription company and ask to transcribe audio text or convert video to text and then, just use the text with all the tips and recommendations. Pick the type of transcription that is the most suitable for you and highlight the parts of the speech you need to remember. This way, you will have this information always with you without the necessity to replay it over and over again.

1. TravelPerk
The TravelPerk app offers really powerful travel management features. It is the biggest travel innovation ever nowadays. The app is very helpful for all travelers who can book their trips and even trips for someone else within their policy. 

One of the greatest perks of this app is that it gives all kinds of features to owners and finance teams, such as expenses tracking, reporting, and integrations, as well as compliance insights. Travelers and administrators gave this app the highest rankings. It is also a widely beloved app since it gives free business travel software. It allows everyone to access top-notch tools without paying extra. 

The app is very user-friendly and easy to use and navigate. Its ranking on AppStore is 4.2 stars out of 5 which is very high. The app is totally free to download. 

2. Airbnb for Work
Everyone uses Airbnb when traveling. This app is truly irreplaceable. However, their app for work facilitates the lives of many professionals who need to travel for work. Unfortunately, it cannot be used as an independent app and you will definitely need some other solutions.

For businesses, the app is really necessary. It is totally safe and easy to use. Airbnb is crucial for business trips and many companies use it. The app allows you to proceed with streamlining payments and duties of care integrations. 

The good news is that many other travel platforms allow you to book with Airbnb for Work. TravelPerk is one of them. The app is free to use. 

3. Brex
Brex is not really a travel management app, but rather a finance manager for companies that allows to track all travel-related expenses, credit card limits, etc. With its help, you can easily track and manage how much you spend in different categories and your travels are not an exception. 

The app has a 4.9-star rate out of 5 stars on AppStore which tells a lot about its usability and efficiency. Brex allows you to view everything you spend at a glance, access all virtual cards, track everything you spend along with details, and view all cash transactions. The app is free to download. 

4. Rocketrip
Rocketrip is a platform for businesses to control their travel costs. It allows business owners to encourage their workers to make smart choices. The app is very different from the rest of those because it predicts the costs of every trip, gives recommendations on cost-effective travel, and rewards those employees who spend less.

It cannot substitute for a travel booking platform, however, it can be used in combination with those to save more money. Thanks to their program, they return 20% of corporate travel costs, focus on the safety of all employees, and support carbon-neutral efforts. 

That software doesn’t require users to download and install different apps but everything can be done on the website. It is very easy to register. After you sign up, just click Get Started and see all the perks it has to offer you. 

5. TripIt
TripIt is a very popular app that will allow you to organize and share the itineraries of your next trip. The app is automatically synchronized with your calendar. Download it from the AppStore or Google Play Market and establish master itineraries for all of your planned trips. Make reservations for your flights, car rentals, accommodations, and even places to eat and salons to attend. Once done, all information can be sent to [email protected] The data will be automatically added to your master itinerary. The app keeps all of your plans arranged and updated. 

If you want, synchronize it with your calendar. It supports such calendars as Outlook, Google Calendar, and Apple iCal. Once something is changed in the calendar, the changes are reflected in your travel itinerary automatically. You do not need to copy or transfer anything. 

Of course, this app is not suitable for corporate travels but it is perfect for individuals. It can even store all of your documents and even the necessary contacts. Everything is confidential. To encrypt the data even more, you can create a 4-digit PIN code. 

TripIt is totally free to download for your iOS and Android devices. You can always upgrade to a Pro version for $49 per year. It will give you access to all extra features. 

6. Trip Republic
Trip Republic allows users to access thousands of options in the cities of their choice. Browse your options quickly, compare all prices and book your tickets with its help. This is a website that provides an itinerary planning platform. Thanks to it, your next trip can be arranged very quickly and easily.

Thanks to the planning platform, you are free to find and book everything you need for your trip. Flights, restaurants, hotels, and other facilities can be booked with the help of Trip Republic. Moreover, get individual travel recommendations and create your must-visit lists.

The app can be used for teamwork either. Collaborate with your travel companion and share trip ideas within the app. You can create the lists on their website as well.

7. PlanChat
Download this app for free from AppStore. The app started as just a messaging app for planning travels but it was transformed into something bigger immediately. With this app, you can track all prices for hotels and flights and choose the perfect deal. 

You can also access experiences near the destination of your choice and plan all itineraries. If you travel not alone but with a group of your friends, you can also use it. Choose a place to have dinner or a pub to hang out together. Your friends and you can choose places to stay overnight and even split the expenses with the help of the app. 

These were 7 must-have and must-use travel management software that will help both businesses and individuals manage and organize their trips successfully. 

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