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Study reveals the travel health precautions Americans are taking


People are looking for solutions on how to travel safely during the holidays. What additional precautions can they take, and what is the suggested shopping list of supplies to take on a trip abroad?

The U.S. has begun to dip its collective toes into the world of pandemic traveling. The airline industry may have suffered many negative impacts due to COVID-19, but flights have been steadily filling back up, and airlines are already poised to start selling middle seats again. But planes aren’t the only way to travel. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) even acknowledges that general travel has begun again and offers its tips to stay safe en route. That safety is often a prerequisite for actually enjoying the trip you’re taking – a concept we recently took a deep dive into. collected data from 1,000 people who’d traveled since the pandemic started. They shared the safety precautions they took, the items they packed, the ways they traveled, and even how much they spent on COVID-19-related items. We then cross-referenced those answers against how much they were able to actually enjoy the trip and how well they were able to sleep. What we ultimately found was a data-backed guide on how to best keep yourself both safe and happy on a trip set against some quite unusual circumstances. Before you think of traveling anywhere, you’ll want to read what these other travelers revealed.

Key Findings:

  • Top precautions taken, while traveling on a plane, to avoid COVID-19: Paying more for a direct flight (57.4%), avoiding the bathroom on the plane (50.7%), and avoiding touching amenities on the plane such as the tray table or pocket holder (45.9%)
  • When logging, nearly 1 in 4 hotel guests skipped housekeeping visits in order to limit contact with hotel staff
  • Top 3 items travelers brought on their trips to avoid COVID-19: Face Masks (65.2%), Hand Sanitizer (55.3%) and Bath/Face Towels (40.2%).
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