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The best travel guide to Canada


In this travel guide to Canada, we bring you useful information for embarking on this interesting journey.

Canada is a great place to explore if you love traveling. It has everything you want from stunning mountains, to the beaches, and the urban lifestyle. You will even have the chance to do a polar bear safari itinerary if you're passionate about bear viewing. What's not to love about the country?

The country is also very large and occupies a wide space. That means you won't run out of places to see! In this travel guide to Canada, we bring you useful information for embarking on this interesting journey.

What's the weather in Canada like?
Most tourists visit Canada during the summer periods. Places like, Vancouver, Victoria, central Canada, Atlantic Canada, and the Northern Territories are top places to visit during the summer.

Prairies have beautiful fields, fantastic wildlife, and temperatures usually range from 20°C - 25°C. Places like the Niagara falls in central Canada are also perfect for a summer visit.

But sometimes, summer temperatures could hit up to 40°C during the day depending on your location in Canada.

What about winter?
Winter temperatures usually range from -20°C upwards and can even get as low as -40°C. Sometimes, winter in Canada can be very harsh. It comes around December and ends in February. 

The west coast of Canada has moderate winters, while central Canada has harsh winters. Spring often comes in February and goes away in June, while autumn follows.

How can I get a Canada visa?
If you're a British citizen, you're exempted from having to apply for a Canada visa. Although British citizens need an eTA (Electronic Travel Authorization) when traveling by plane, Americans don't need it.

People from other countries, including the UK need to get an eTA. Those visiting from the UK usually get 6 months of free visa entry into Canada. It is up to the border officers to state on your passport the date you should leave the country. 

You could get a visa extension if you apply for it early enough during your free visa. Applying for eTA is very easy and costs just $7CAD. It can be done online in a matter of minutes.

What happens when you land in Canada?
While you are in the plane en route to Canada, you will be given a declaration card that you have to fill out and give to the customs officers. When you land at the customs, you may be asked to provide proof that you have the financial ability to sustain yourself.

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