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The cheapest airports to park your car in the US


Denver International Airport is found to be the cheapest airport to park, averaging at $2.50.

A necessity that sometimes we forget until the last minute, finding good airport parking is never fun, but you can get some good deals when it comes down to it. New data from Upgraded Points has shown where in the US has the cheapest car parking, the most expensive, who has the busiest airport vs which airport is the quietest. 

Denver International Airport is found to be the cheapest airport to park, averaging at $2.50

RankAirportAverage Stared Rating (out of 5)The average price to park here per day ($)
1Denver International Airport4.4$2.50
2Eppley Airfield4.7$5.50
3Jacksonville International Airport4.5$5.72
4Raleigh-Durham International Airport4.3$5.88
5Tampa International Airport4.3$6.50
6San Antonio International Airport4.6$6.95
7Memphis International Airport


8Milwaukee Mitchell International Airport3.7$7.01
9Miami International Airport4.5$7.20
10Dallas Love Field4.1$7.38

The cheapest place for airport parking is Denver International Airport where you pay $2.50 on average per day.

Denver International’s airport parking charges are very reasonable. Multiple sources such as are stating that the airport in Colorado is yet to see its best years, needing to keep airport parking prices down to keep attracting their usual customers, whether they’re coming for long vacations or shorter stays. 

Denver Airport usually sees around 1,700 flight movements per day, and at $2.50 per parking spot per day, most people would be more than happy to park here. Denver International Airport also scores 4.4 out of 5 for parking spot ratings, and takes 3rd place for the USA’s busiest airports in 2020, carrying 33,741,129 passengers. 

Eppley Airfield’s average price for car parking is $5.50
With a $3 difference in airport parking, Eppley Airfields’ car parking charges come second in the cheapest tickets to park. Located in Nebraska, Eppley Airfield scored 58/60 for busiest airports in 2020, and carried 2,140,016 passengers, OMA is the largest airport in this state. Eppley airport scores no.1 for average starred rating, with 4.7. It could be potentially cheaper to park here because the airport having one of the lowest percentages for passenger traffic. 

You’ll have to pay 12 cents extra to pay at Jacksonville International Airport
Jacksonville International Airport carried 2,842,711 passengers in 2020. With the pandemic cutting through the aviation industry, carrying almost 3 million passengers is definitely better than what other airports have been struggling with. On average, it will cost you $5.72 for a parking spot here, and Jacksonville International Airport scores 4.4 out of 5 on the starred rating list. 

It will cost you $21.76 to park at Logan International Airport 
The data showed that Logan International Airport in Boston, Massachusetts, will cost you the most amount of money to leave your car whilst you are on vacation. With a $19.26 difference between the most expensive and the least expensive airports to park, Logan International on average will charge $21.76 on average, per day.

An article written by CBS Boston stated that airport parking is still not at pre-pandemic levels, and closing garages within Logan International will save them millions of dollars. One person drove to the airport warning other drivers to get there early or not park at all - according to the article, these car parking spots are ‘sacred’. Logan International scores 3.9 on the average star rating, which might seem low, but the lowest actually comes from McCarran International Airport which scores 3.2. 

Reno–Tahoe International Airport is the quietest airport in the US in 2020
Three miles southeast of downtown Reno you will find Reno-Tahoe airport in Washoe County, Nevada. In 2020, Reno-Tahoe airport carried 2,006,420 passengers, ranking 60 out of 60 places for busiest US airports. The nearest airport to Reno-Tahoe is Sacramento airport (144 miles away) which ranked 37th out of 60 for passenger flying, which flew 5,583,052 passengers in 2020

Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport was the busiest airport in the US in 2020
Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport flew 42,918,685 passengers in 2020, which ranked 1st on the US list of America’s busiest airports. Despite the pandemic, the Delta Airline Base managed to secure the most passengers during the course of COVID, and on average you are expected to park here at a rate of $13.50 per day, which ranks 45 out of 59 for the average car parking price per day. 

What’s next for airline passengers?
Airlines and airports need to realize that once the pandemic is over there will be a high demand for Americans wanting to travel, not only for leisure purposes but also for business, and seeing family. In order for airports and airlines to make the most out of its customer base, it needs to offer deals, discounts, and benefits to persuade customers as to why they should fly with a particular airline or travel to a particular airport. Upgraded Points can be used to find the best credit cards when travelling, and can also be used to use benefits when paying for all types of travel.

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