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The most and least affordable ski resorts in North America for 2020


HomeToGo glides into 2019-20 season with annual affordability ranking of the top 50 North American ski resorts.


NEW YORK, NY - HomeToGo has revealed the results of its annual Ski Price Index . The ranking, which includes 50 leading ski destinations in the USA and Canada, exposes a vast crevasse that separates North America’s most affordable and most expensive ski resorts. A typical day on the slopes at this year’s most affordable resort is $420 cheaper than the equivalent day at this year’s most expensive resort.

In order to rank the destinations, four factors were researched

  • The cost of equipment rental
  • The price of a one-day lift ticket
  • Lunch on the slopes
  • One night’s accommodation 

The official websites of the ski resorts provided equipment rental and lift ticket prices for the 2019-20 season, and online menus were used to calculate lunch prices. HomeToGo used its own metasearch data to forecast the average cost of accommodation (per person per night) for the 2019-20 ski season. Marmot Basin in Alberta offers the most mountain for your money, while Beaver Creek is officially the most expensive ski resort in North America, taking the title from Aspen that held it for the past two seasons. 

The three cheapest ski resorts for the 2019-20 season are forecast to be

The three most expensive ski resorts for the 2019-20 season are forecast to be

We’re snow excited to present our Ski Price Index for the third consecutive year, ” said Director of Inbound Marketing, Michael Lee. “From Maine in the east to British to Columbia in the west, the ranking shows that more affordable options are available to skiers across the continent. Skiing doesn’t need to result in a financial wipeout!” 

Additional takeaways from this year’s Ski Price Index:

A day and night at Beaver Creek is more than three times more expensive than an equivalent day and night at Marmot Basin.

11 of the top 50 ski resorts in this year’s ranking are located in Canada. 

Colorado is the state with the most resorts in this year’s ranking (10); the province of British Columbia trails closely behind, with 8 resorts in the top 50. 

40 of the top 50 are located in western states or provinces, whereas 10 are located in eastern states or provinces. 

*All prices in USD. Please note that this is a forecast and that prices may change between now and the upcoming season. When prices for 2019-20 were not available from the resorts, we based our price forecasts on last season’s prices. Local sales tax is not included in these prices. For further insights and any press inquiries, please contact

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