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The uniqueness of North America in each of its cities


North America will provide many unforgettable moments and leave a lasting impression! Every year millions of tourists come there, and they are ready to spend hours exploring the life and sights of its cities.

The third-largest continent delights all tourists with its pristine beauty and urban scale. North America is famous not only for natural attractions but also for its towns. The tourist will have a difficult choice of route, as every piece of land of the "New World" is rich in its creations. North America will provide many unforgettable moments and leave a lasting impression! Every year millions of tourists come there, and they are ready to spend hours exploring the life and sights of its cities. Do you want to be among them? - Pay attention to the cities of North America from the list below.

Top-5 North American cities to visit
Every city in America is a masterpiece, but these five deserve special attention:

1. A well-known city with eternal traffic and smog - is Los Angeles, CA. It is a city of great opportunities and money. It will surely win you over with its splendor, cuisine, and culture. Los Angeles is also known for its casino hotels, and each large establishment has an online version and is part of a great project - non-gamstop casinos. Here you can meet some movie star actors. Los Angeles is also world renowned for its white sand beaches and secluded Malibu coves. Of course, the favorite entertainment is Disneyland, which will take you to the world of fairy tales familiar to you from childhood;

2. NY is a city that is famous all over the world. The sights of New York become objects for cinematic scenes. Perhaps, therefore, many tourists are ready to give a lot to visit this town. The Statue of Liberty, Manhattan, Brooklyn Bridge, Grand Central Station are just a few of the beauties that New York is famous for. Get ready for the fact that life here rages 24/7! Perhaps at first, you will be surprised by this rhythm of life, but then you will feel how the city fills you with energy. It is worth noting that at night everything shines here like and the sights themselves acquire some kind of mystical and bewitching beauty;

3. Chicago (Illinois) is a city located on the Michigan River. In terms of importance, it is the second city in the United States. In the 1920s, the best architects built skyscrapers here, which are objects of admiration today. A unique atmosphere is created here by the winds that walk between the buildings, so Chicago is called the city of winds. People in Chicago are in a constant rush: meetings, dates, business negotiations, sales. At the same time, they are very friendly and willingly support the conversation if you ask them how to get to this or that sight;

4. Toronto is the capital of the province of Ontario and the largest city in Canada, with a population of over 2.6 million. A lot of exciting things await the guests of this city. Toronto's tourist attractions include world-class museums, great shopping, many restaurants, cafes, eateries, and various outdoor activities in summer and winter;

5. Havana is the vibrant, colorful capital of Cuba, full of hustle and bustle and entertainment. It fascinates with magnificent architecture from the Colonial period, old cars, and other attractions. For the sake of Havana alone, it is worth going to Cuba. The historic center of Havana is the adorable mixture of Baroque and Classicism monuments. There are complete ensembles of private residential buildings with galleries, balconies, cast-iron gates, and courtyards. Besides this, it is the colorful local population, music, and vintage cars.

North American cities are diverse and unique. Every year millions of tourists come to each of them to enjoy the unique local beauty!

Several tips to make your journey unforgettable & safe
North America is beautiful, but it will become even more exciting if you learn the following rules and guidelines:

• Be prepared for the fact that on the street, the police may ask you for your documents. In this case, it is not necessary to present the original; make a copy in advance. Keep the original documents in the hotel safe;
• The system of cashless payments is widely developed in America. Terminals are available in shops, taxis, newsagents. However, some shops and restaurants only accept cash. It can be an exceptional and unbreakable rule, or it can have several reasons. For example, somewhere you can pay with a card if you have made purchases strictly for a certain amount;
• Check your health before the trip, and do not spare money on health insurance. Also, try not to eat foods that cause you doubts and that you have never tasted before;
• Note that jokes about ethnicity or sexual orientation can lead to big problems. The more you demonstrate friendliness, the more it will return;
• It is better to buy metro passes for a week at once. Tourists can get from state to state on large Megabus buses or low-cost airlines;
• It is always best to use a navigator with a compass and orient yourself accurately to the cardinal points. Streets often have additional west or east markings.

North America has an impressive area. Therefore, be sure to make a list of the major cities, states, or attractions you want to go to.

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