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The world’s best cities for staying connected


Staying connected has never been more important for freelancers, with access to the internet and the rest of the world enabling freelancers to travel across the globe whilst working. But which destinations are the best to work remotely?

Looking for a new start? Ready to up and leave? discover the best cities to become a freelancer. Comparing metrics such as average rent costs, the number of freelancing jobs available, coworking spaces and average temperature -they’ve ranked the best cities to find a new opportunity:

  • Paris, France - One of the fashion capitals of the world, Paris also has an emerging creative scene, meaning the demand for freelancers has increased over the last few years. Whilst the average rent for a one-bed apartment in the city centre could set you back £1,079 ($1,380), the city has the lowest average amount of working hours per week at 35. It also has the highest amount of freelance jobs available.
  • New York, USA - This was once the city of dreams, knocked off its top spot by Paris - New York City is still one of the best destinations to launch your remote worker career. It’s the most expensive city to live in, with a one-bed apartment setting you back nearly £2,541 ($3,276)! But the average salary in this city is around £3,954 ($5,100) - meaning there’s lots of money to be made. 
  • London, UK - Whilst considered a financial hub, London’s isn’t just limited to finance - it’s the home of thousands of startups and creative projects. Similar to Paris and New York, London’s average rent for a one-bed apartment is around £1,701 ($2,193). It has the second-highest amount of freelance jobs available and over 240 coworking spaces for you to use.
  • Singapore - One of the financial and technological centres of the world, Singapore is unlike any other city in Southeast Asia. Whilst the number of freelance jobs available is just below 2,000, the average salary in the city is around £2,483 ($3,202). If you’re a freelancer, you can pick your own working hours, but the average number of working hours per week is around 44 here, so work culture is something to consider.
  • Hong Kong - Also recognised as a financial centre, Hong Kong may be a popular destination for freelancers in accounting or finance. The average salary in the country is around £1,830 ($2,360), but the cost of living is extremely expensive with monthly rent averaging around £2,014 ($2,597) per month.

Populations with growing freelancer economies

  • United States 
  • Philippines 
  • Canada
  • Singapore
  • United Arab Emirates

Other findings:

  • Paris ranks as the world’s best city to be a freelancer - the city of love holds the highest number of freelance vacancies at 7,924 and has 337,875 free wifi spots
  • Singapore holds the fastest broadband speed in the world at an impressive 192Mbps. This is 3 times faster than London and 6 times faster than Delhi’s!
  • New York City holds the highest number of free wifi spots with over a staggering one million to choose from. London ranks second with 686,378.
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