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Top ten stag venues


The capital of Wales is a huge fancy dress location and plays host to Six Nations and Autumn Internationals, in addition to some top quality gigs each year.

Ease of travel these days makes choosing your stag weekend venue a bigger task than ever before. Home or abroad there are so many fabulous places to choose from you may find that time and budget are your main constraints. 

To give you some inspiration here are ten of the best locations for you to check out:

1. Cardiff – this small city really punches above its weight.  The capital of Wales is a huge fancy dress location and plays host to Six Nations and Autumn Internationals, in addition to some top quality gigs each year.  A Cardiff stag weekend is a fantastic destination for groups as all the bars are super stag friendly and there’s a great array of activities.

2. Barcelona – A warm city with a nightlife which gets going in the small hours and carries on until dawn! Recover on the beach or check out the utterly bonkers Sagrada Familia. If you’re a footie fan live the dream and tour the Nou Camp.

3. Bristol – Bustling with bright and cheery bars, clubs and hosting a huge array of daytime activities one of England’s largest maritime cities has the Bristol stag weekend sussed. A partying city easy to access from anywhere in the UK. The pirates are long gone now.

4. Dublin – Proper Guinness. Is there more to say? Well yes, the Guinness Factory tour is pretty much an obligatory feature when experiencing the generous Irish hospitality to be found in this seasoned favourite city. Ask the locals for tips on finding the best non-tourist pubs for a fabulous night out. 

5. Edinburgh - The great castle city with the world famous Fringe Festival in August has an abundance of attractions and places to stay. There’s plenty of entertainment all year round with an exciting nightlife scene based around George Street and Lothian Road.

6. Krakow – A wonderfully built city with thousands of students ensuring it stays vibrant and lively as well as proud of its history. Culture spanning centuries and more vodka than you can imagine! A huge range of activities which seem to include many guns and women with little clothing.

7. Las Vegas – Bright lights, casinos, dancing girls, shows all part of what makes up one of the most dazzling stag weekend venues in the world. There is so much to see and do on the strip even before considering helicopter rides over the Grand Canyon. 

8. London – River boats on the Thames, Twickenham, Wembley and so much more! Spend the day at a sporting event or checking out the tourist attractions before heading into the capital’s vast night time world. Just try not to end up locked in The Tower!

9. Newcastle – Quickly developing its reputation as another great party city this northern venue has become increasingly popular. Affordable and buzzing with outdoor activities aplenty and an exciting night scene it’s worth a look.

10. Prague – A beautiful city offering a huge range of activities in stunning surroundings. From shooting AK-47s to boat tours, fine dining followed by a thumping great night out it’sa class choice from start to finish. 

Photo by Nick Fewings on Unsplash / caption: Cardiff

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