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Travelner looks at top traveling trends and what the COVID-19 recovery means for travelers


Choose Travelner for booking your first post-pandemic trip, so you can book with confidence and travel with ease that your needs are taken care of and that your travel experience will be exceptional.

COVID-19 threw the world off its stride when it comes to travel. Travelner advises that while some things are slowly getting back to business, there is a new normal when it comes to traveling and how the travel industry works. 

Seven post-pandemic travel trends sweeping the nation 
These are some of the changes travelers can expect to notice as travel resumes and as the world begins to recover from the recent pandemic.

1. Workcations are becoming the norm
As many businesses struggle to find help and keep production going, more people than ever are taking their work with them, even on vacation. 

With that in mind, Travelner recommends booking accommodations that not only support the ability to work while traveling, but also present options for relaxation and recreation at the same time. 

This means workcationers need to find accommodations that offer wireless internet, business centers, and even essential services, like dry cleaning or laundry, for those who plan to conduct business meetings while traveling.

2. More people are vacationing close to home
According to Travelner, a leading travel agency in California, more people are spending vacation a little closer to home, particularly as the uncertainty of COVID-19 continues on a national scale. 

While many states and popular vacation spots are fully open for business, there remains a lot of uncertainty about the safety of traveling to these areas. As a result, people tend to vacation closer to home. 

For many, closer destinations are better for already-strained budgets. Familiarity also provides some peace of mind for those fearful of bringing an unexpected souvenir home with them.

3. Travel priorities are changing
For better or worse, the COVID pandemic has drastically altered the public’s travel priorities. This includes a much larger inclination to travel to remote locations rather than tourist hot spots. 

These days, travelers are more interested in open spaces and getting outdoors than in busy shopping areas, museums, and cultural travel.

4. More people are turning brands they know
Another travel trend sweeping the nation is brand-based travel. According to Travelner, people are more comfortable than ever staying in well-known hotels and resorts than in off-brands or short-term rentals. 

Not only that, but travelers are now willing to spend more with names they know and trust than they were before the pandemic. People simply feel that the commitment to cleanliness and safety is greater at these better-known hotel brands. 

The same holds true for airlines. Post-pandemic travelers are willing to pay more and fly with more prominent brands than seek out more cost-effective airline options.

5. These days, last-minute bookings are the rule
While vaccinations have rolled out across the country, says Travelner, new COVID strains and variants have made many would-be travelers reluctant to book trips too far in advance. 

No one wants to risk vacationing in an area where there are no restaurants or recreations available, for instance. 

Additionally, no one wants to take a risk and lose money simply because a certain location suddenly becomes a COVID-19 hotspot or infection zone. 

Travel agencies and suppliers such as Travelner have proven refund options already in place. Ensuring your travel agency has these options allows you to plan your travel in advance, particularly in such challenging times.

6. Simple pleasures are in
When it comes to vacationing, says Travelner, post-COVID travelers are now seeking one thing above all else: simplicity. In fact, many are seeking out the simple pleasures first, eyeing qualities and arrangements that offer easy and convenient rather than challenging and complex.

For instance, many travelers are far more concerned about the cleanliness and sanitation of hotel rooms, rather than elaborate amenities. Many others are booking with airlines that offer robust virus mitigation efforts between flights and for flight crews. 

A room with a view, says Travelner, is now far more in demand for hotel customers than being at the center of the nightlife action. At the same time, apps like Uber Eats and Grubhub, have made room service less of a necessity for travelers preferring to dine alone in their rooms than take the chance at a crowded restaurant.

7. Travelers are seeking more advice
For the most part, travel plans during the pandemic were put on hold. But with the recovery now making its way around the world, many travelers are eager to return to more frequent travel plans. And this renewed focus on travel has many seeking advice about where to go, where to stay, and how to minimize their risks of canceled flights and other minor aggravations along the way. 

People are also investing more heavily in travel insurance in case they must make last-minute changes to their travel plans for health or other reasons.

Travelner: Your vacation booking go-to
Travelner offers a wide range of travel services, including flight and hotel booking, travel advice, and more for people traveling throughout the United States and around the world. 

Choose Travelner for booking your first post-pandemic trip, so you can book with confidence and travel with ease that your needs are taken care of and that your travel experience will be exceptional. 

We are committed to staying on top of constantly evolving travel trends, so you don't have to.

Main photo by Erik Odiin on Unsplash

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