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Vacationing in Vilamoura? Here are a few things you can try


Thinking of taking a vacation in Vilamoura Portugal? Read on to discover the best activities for you during your vacation.

Vacationing in Vilamoura promises a wonderfully memorable experience. This resort town is situated on the southern coast of Portugal along the Algarve coastline. You are sure to have a great time here as the town boasts six golf courses, a marina complex, two beaches, and scores of beautiful villas, hotels, casinos, and nightclubs for you to choose from. There are many other tourist attractions in Vilamoura and we will discuss all the fun activities you can do here to get an unforgettable vacation experience.

Try parasailing
Parasailing is not for faint hearts. But people who love thrilling adventures are sure to love it. You can try this fun activity while you are at Vilamoura to give you an adrenaline rush while still being safer compared to other activities. 

You will get a boat ride that will last an hour and the actual parasailing will take about 10 minutes. You can get an amazing view of the beaches, the cliffs, and the ocean beyond, as you can go high up to 200 meters. If you are looking for the ultimate adrenaline rush then you can try diving straight into the ocean from the air.

Hire a private speed boat or a yacht
Many of you might want to escape the crowds and see some of the sights that are not included on the guided tours. In that case, you can rent a speedboat with a driver to have a custom made tour for an hour or more. This way you can visit sights that are not commonly visited like sailing to a private beach away from the tourist crowd, or just getting a tan while sailing down the coastline. 

The driver will be at your disposal and you will be able to go or stop anywhere you want. You can visit the caves along the Algarve coastline or just go for a leisurely swim out in the ocean. Take the boat out and enjoy all the breathtaking scenery that makes Vilamoura so scenic. 

If you can spend a little more money and afford to charter a yacht then you can have a great activity for your family or group members as well. You can check out Lux Charters for their premium yachts and charter one for a trip combining leisure, relaxation, and fun. They offer luxury yachts that offer top-notch comfort along with a fantastic look. Check them out for a luxurious experience to remember.

Visit Cerro da Villa
If you want to have an idea of how Vilamoura looked like thousands of years ago then you need to visit this wonderful place. You will find the foundations of buildings and well-preserved mosaic floors in Cerro da Villa that date back to the Roman Empire. 

This museum will give you an idea of how the Romans lived and you will be surprised to see how they organized their heating systems all those years ago. It may take you up to an hour to view the entire ruins. There are dual language information boards to enrich your knowledge about the rich history of Cerro da Villa.

Take a golfing lesson
The locals of Vilamoura are very passionate about golf. You can find multiple golf courses in Vilamoura making it one of the most popular attractions for tourists. If you want to enjoy the fabulous golf course in the area but don’t know how to play golf then you can learn the basics from the Golf Integrated Academy in Vilamoura.

They have over twenty years of experience making them the most advanced coaching environment for golf in Portugal. They claim to improve your game by making the learning experience enjoyable and understandable. You can even get a flavor of some of the top-performing brands in the area under one roof in their bespoken club fitting service.

Experience the jet-boat
For those of you who enjoy extreme sports accompanied by bumpy rides at high speeds, you can take a half an hour ride on the waves on a jet boat. The boat will be piloted by an expert captain who will perform various spins, tricks, and power break stops. All this will be done at full speed making it a roller coaster on water.

You will just love having the wind in your hair while getting soaked with spray. This is an adrenaline-filled bumpy ride guaranteed to make you scream and have the best time of your life. Tag your friends along if they are brave enough for the ride.

The cave tour and the dolphin safari
The dolphin safari is a must experience for you if marine animals are your passion. An experienced captain will sail you out from Vilamoura Marina to search for dolphins and once you find them in their natural habitat you can get as close as you possibly can to these wonderful creatures. You can choose to feed them too if you want while taking photos and videos. 

The Bottlenose dolphins are common to the waters near the coast of Southern Algarve and they will enchant you with their playful, intelligent, and friendly manner. After the dolphin encounter, you can head for the caves and rock formations of the Algarve's geological landscape before sailing back to the point where you started. The entire trip can last for up to two hours and is guaranteed to give you an unforgettable memory.

Take a tour of the town
You can take a guided bike tour of Vilamoura and experience its flora and fauna, where a guide will take you to explore all the major attractions. This relaxing bike tour can last up to three hours. You can visit the old village to get an understanding of the history and origins of the place.

You can visit the wetlands to see the tortoises and the flowers. The fruit and fish market will certainly give you a feel of the boisterous old village. You don’t need to be in the best shape as you can pick the pace for this bicycle ride. The price includes the bicycle, the guide, a water bottle, and insurance.

These are just some of the amazing fun experiences you can try out if you are vacationing in Vilamoura. There are scores of other activities waiting to thrill you and give you the time of your life. So relax and enjoy a fun holiday in Vilamoura.

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