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Vibe launches new ‘Consumer-Grade’ booking tool for business travel


‘Vibe Corporate’, an off-the-shelf Vibe branded booking tool for TMCs and corporates providing enterprise level functionality and content. ‘Vibe Corporate Plus’ offers the same powerful platform in a customisable version that can be fully branded.

STEVENAGE, UK - Vibe, an international provider of booking technology solutions to the travel industry, has confirmed the launch of a ‘consumer-grade’ booking tool for business travel.

‘Vibe Corporate’ will be an off-the-shelf, complete business travel booking tool that TMCs and corporates can offer to their users, under the Vibe Corporate brand.

Built specifically to drive online adoption and help TMCs grow their client base, users – including corporates – will be able to implement complex travel policies and multi-level approval whilst benefitting from multi-channel content. Vibe’s unique position in the travel technology space allows traditional TMC’s to also have a fully functional leisure travel offering.

‘Vibe Corporate Plus’ will offer all the same benefits, but additionally, be an entirely customisable solution that TMCs or corporates can white label with their own brand identity.

Both these services will be available on a pay-per-transaction basis.

This is the first time that Vibe has launched such products and the company will continue to offer fully bespoke services to both corporate and leisure customers

Martin Eade, Co-Founder and E-Commerce Director of Vibe comments: “This is a direct response to an increase in demand from both TMCs and in-house corporate teams for consumer-grade, off-the-shelf booking technology solutions branded as Vibe or as a private label. Naturally, we´ll maintain our fully bespoke offering as that is what many want and value from Vibe. But already we have strong interest from several businesses for both Vibe Corporate and Vibe Corporate Plus and hope to make further announcements soon.” 

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