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Rhodes sees longer tourist season

Rhodes<.> may well kick off its 2000 tourist season in March and stretch it beyond October, according to local reports…

Rhodes  may well kick off its 2000 tourist season in March and stretch it beyond October, according to local reports .
Large European tourism organisations have apparently shown particular interest in Rhodes and Crete of late as evidenced by the fact that they are offering packages to these islands from the first week of March.
The greatest demand for Rhodes is coming from the UK and Germany, followed by other countries including those of Scandinavia, the Netherlands, Italy, Israel and Belgium.
Tourist operators on Rhodes report that the lengthening of the tourist season this year along with winter tourism packages have led them to expect that summer will start early this year.
The flow of visitors from the Netherlands and Israel has stabilised while Britons have also indicated especial interest.
German tourism organisation Einszwei-Fly, which appears to be rapidly expanding, has sought 30 percent more beds for 2000 and will further promote its two key products, Sun Aktiv Hotels and Fun Clubs. The first relates to clients who seek a combination of activity and entertainment while the second refers to families or travellers wanting more relaxed holidays.
Greek destinations feature prominently in the company’s plans. One of four hotels added to the Sun Aktiv group is located on Kos, while hotels on Crete and Rhodes are included in the Fun Club category. The firm has requested 50 percent more beds on Rhodes for the upcoming season.

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