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The £11m. equity funding round is provided by Toscafund Asset Management LLP, the global financials investor.

Viva Air partners with CellPoint Mobile to fast-track the deployment of four leading alternative forms of payments across the carrier’s

Voyage is an off-the-shelf mobile booking solution that is highly configurable and fully incorporated within the entire CellPoint Mobile product

First payment integration for an ongoing partnership between the flag carrier and mobile and travel payment technology provider.

The new position will focus on developing mobile-first solution sets that address myriad challenges faced by travel merchants.

The first native mobile app for the Saudi national carrier supports SADAD payments, opens new direct-channel revenue opportunities for the

CellPoint Mobile's mobile-first technology increases revenue opportunities for airlines.

Voyage Web and Voyage Native are designed to help travel merchants increase revenues and conversion rates in the direct channel.

CellPoint Mobile's Velocity payment platform will also support ticket pre-sales and hosted payment pages for the Dominican Republic-based startup airline.

Senior executive Mike Lambrou brings extensive industry and regional expertise; will help drive sales in ground, sea and passenger transportation