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Travelers departing Mali will remain subject to outbound screening measures, and the United States will continue to support Mali's Ebola

Outbreak analysis and outlook from the world’s leading medical assistance group.

The Travel and Transport Task Force, established in August 2014, calls for international cooperation of governments and the transport sector

Of the 417 respondents to a survey conducted by GO Airport Express who said they were taking precautions, 57 noted

Active post-arrival monitoring is an approach in which state and local health officials maintain daily contact with all travelers from

More than 25% of travellers say that the Ebola outbreak would make them reconsider their travel plans and only three

Global Business Travel Association poll finds most business travel not currently impacted by outbreak. The poll found that more than

While the epidemic continues to worsen, NGOs are experiencing difficulties responding to such an unprecedented global health epidemic. NGO Alliance

ACI Europe notes that the WHO (World Health Organisation) and the ECDC (European Centre for Disease Prevention & Control) have

The CDC plans to test the temperature of everyone coming into the five airports that have been shown to service