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Sustainability success is always a collaborative effort and IMEX Frankfurt is no exception.

The new report covers aspects such as waste management, energy and water usage, event design and also social impact.

Vancouver-based Tahira’s new role signals a new era for IMEX. A three-year education strategy will capitalise on IMEX’s free to

The award recognizes an individual or organization who has furthered the vision, ideals and ethics of SITE.

A first of its kind in Europe, this survey is designed to investigate beyond existing parameters, examining not only meeting

IMEX will be using the well-known and commonly used CLEAR Health Pass app for all North American attendees.

Agencies currently account for 47 per cent of the total, corporate buyers 22 per cent while association buyers make up

Findings from IMEX’s Virtual Advocacy Discussion. The IMEX Policy Forum will return in-person on Tuesday 26th April, 2022 in Frankfurt,

While the platform allows connections and communications to take place at any time, it’s only at specific times and days

The GCB launches open innovation platform “Response Room” with partners PCMA and IMEX.