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The Luxury Train Club announces The Jewels Of Persia Journey

First European private train to enter Iran, ever.
The Luxury Train Club from the Train Chartering Company is featuring the Jewels Of Persia journeys on the Golden Eagle Danube Express; the first time a European private train has entered Iran, the 15-day tour follows an historically-important route travels through 5 countries, to rarely-visited places as well as world-renowned sites.

The Luxury Train Club presents over 30 trains travelling in 40 countries. It is free to join the Club, requiring just a subscription to the newsletter. Club members get discount on every listed journey, as well as a thank-you gift for booking and other special offers from the individual trains.

The Golden Eagle Danube Express is the first European private train to enter Iran, travelling along a route that is steeped in history.

Travelling from Budapest on the banks of the Danube, in the former Austro-Hungarian Empire, via the shores of the Bosphorus and the city of Istanbul, imperial capital of the Ottomans, into the ancient land of Persia is a unique journey.

This rail tour in the luxury Danube Express is an once-in-a-lifetime opportunity; passengers with a pioneering spirit will enjoy being part of this experience.

The Danube Express has a number of Deluxe Suites, each with a private shower, toilet and washbasin. In the elegant yet unpretentious Restaurant Car, there is time to relax while dining. Regional specialities with a Central European theme are freshly prepared and cooked on board by experienced chefs using local and seasonal ingredients.

Simon Pielow of The Luxury Train Club says, "The Jewels Of Persia journeys on the Golden Eagle Danube Express are difficult to better - tours packed full of history, cultures and regional gastronomy on the first European private train to Iran."
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