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Duetto’s latest Trends & Predictions Survey reveals a welcomed recovery for groups business, continued tech investment and efforts to push

6.4 million visitors from the rest of the African continent between January and December 2023, marking a significant 75.6% of

AHLA's survey shows a positive trend in hotel stays for 2024, with inflation impacting travel decisions but hotels remaining the

Center's annual survey reveals a gap in corporate card usage and expense management software adoption, creating visibility and compliance challenges.

FEDHASA's recent survey highlights regional disparities in South Africa's tourism recovery, with the Western Cape thriving and KwaZulu-Natal facing challenges.

This article delves into this burgeoning trend, exploring how the worlds of travel and sports betting are intertwining and what

The convergence of travel and eSports offers a plethora of opportunities for businesses, players, and fans alike.

TOP 5 European airports in 2023: 1. London-Heathrow, 2. Istanbul, 3. Paris-CDG, 4. Amsterdam-Schiphol, 5. Madrid 

The five largest wellness markets are the United States ($1.8 trillion), China ($790 billion), Germany ($269 billion), Japan ($241 billion),