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Four locations in Thailand to go for dental implants in 2018

So, for dental implants in Thailand where are the good locations dental tourists should be heading to in 2018?

Thailand’s star, as one of the world’s leading tourist destinations, shows no sign of fading, particularly as dental tourism, an offshoot of medical tourism, is another industry where the country excels. For expensive dental procedures, such as dental implants, prices in Thailand are a huge draw for Westerners who are priced-out at home, and the chance to spend a holiday in an exotic location adds to the allure.

So, for dental implants in Thailand where are the good locations dental tourists should be heading to in 2018? Fortunately, most major tourist locations all have excellent facilities for dental tourists and with prices being around 60% less throughout Thailand there’s bound to somewhere to suit all-comers.

1: Bangkok

In common with many Asian cities, the Thai capital is congested, boisterous and bewildering as you try to find your way around. However, that is part of its charisma, and if you’re not in a rush you can afford to just let things take their course in their own way. 

The city is nothing if not a mass of contradictions. Modern, towering skyscrapers jostle for space next to traditional wooden temples; shopping can be a comfortable experience in air-conditioned, glitzy malls or hot and exhausting in the open-air markets and you can dine out at rooftop restaurant with views over the city or get with the traffic and eat on-the-go from a street food vendor.

Fortunately, Bangkok dentists are highly-skilled and its clinics are among the most contemporary you’ll find anywhere in the world – at least those catering to international patients. The Bangkok International Dental Center (BIDC) is seven storeys of cutting-edge dentistry and the first dental clinic in Asia to receive Joint Commission International (JCI) accreditation – a testament to its high-quality services. It has an onsite boutique hotel, coffee shop and bank providing the ultimate one-stop shop for patient-centered dental care.

2: Phuket

The jewel of the south. Phuket’s glorious beaches and surrounding islands are among the main attractions for holidaymakers in Thailand. Phuket’s varied landscapes – endless white beaches, lush rainforests and the famed limestone cliffs of Phang Nga Bay are the stuff of dreams. The island has positioned itself as a premier health and wellness destination with high-end spas providing weary travelers with massages, facials and a vast range of invigorating or relaxing treatments.

Phuket already has a well-established dental tourism scene, but clinics like the Sea Smile Dental Clinic now have an international presence after partnering with Europe’s Malo Clinic Partnership. This means patients can have their treatment with a Phuket dentist, and follow-up care at any Malo facility in the world.

3: Chiang Mai

Chiang Mai, in the cooler north of Thailand, is far removed from the beaches of the south. The old city is surrounded by jungles where indigenous hill tribes live and sell their handicrafts. An important trading post in the past, part of Chiang Mai’s charm comes from the unique character the area has due to migrants who settled here and the area is rich with natural beauty and the most ornate temples in the Kingdom.

The Kitcha Dental Clinic is one of the largest private dental centers in Chiang Mai. Dental implants, other specialist and general dental services are delivered in high-tech and ultra-modern surroundings that are often a cut above what some international patients are used to at home.

4: Pattaya

You don’t often hear people say they’re getting dental implants in Pattaya, given that Pattaya is more well-known for its reputation as a party destination. Nevertheless, away from the raucous nightlife ordinary life goes on – and people need dental care. The Dental Design Center is another high-quality facility that provides reliable services, as well as a massage chair, aromatherapy and a ceiling-mounted television so you can watch a movie during your treatment.

Thailand continues to impress for foreign visitors. For anyone looking for affordable dental implants prices in Thailand its first-rate healthcare facilities will see traditional holiday destinations become just as well known for their dental and medical tourism services.

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