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Seven reasons travelers choose guided tours

Here are some of the most common reasons travelers choose guided tours over independent travel. 

Guided tours or guided holidays are vacations that are entirely planned for you. Once you choose a destination, you can purchase a guided group trip with an experienced tour director showing you the best sights of that destination. They can also handle all activity and accommodation bookings on your behalf and plan your itinerary to maximize your experience. Such structure doesn’t suit everyone, but here are some of the most common reasons travelers choose guided tours over independent travel. 

An experience to suit all budgets
When you work with guided group travel experts such as Travel Department, you can enjoy peace of mind knowing you’ll be treated to an experience that suits your budget. Once you outline your interests and price range, companies can provide you with a list of possible itineraries to ensure you don’t spend more than you can afford. This can be a weight off your mind when you’ve previously put off overseas vacations, believing you’d never be able to afford the trip of a lifetime. 

Help while traveling for the first time
The more you travel, the more experienced you become in using new currency, navigating airports, and making activity and accommodation bookings. However, traveling for the first time can be a daunting experience. 

You might not know how to ensure your activities, transport, and accommodation bookings align or even how to obtain the correct travel documents and insurance. As you will be traveling as part of a group with an experienced tour director, you have someone to guide you every step of the way. If you ever have any questions or concerns during your trip, you can rest assured knowing there’s always someone to help. 

See the best of an area
You might have always wanted to visit a specific town, city, region, or country, but that doesn’t mean you’ll know the best attractions to see once you get there. Tour guides do. When you book a guided vacation in a specific country, they ensure your itinerary is packed full of exciting, eye-opening, and memorable experiences and activities that accurately represent what that country is all about. 

Specific vacation types to suit your needs
The idea of a perfect vacation is different for everyone. For adventurers, the ideal holiday could be hiking mountains, going on safaris, and visiting remote locations nearly untouched by other visitors. For those looking for rest and relaxation, a vacation on a tropical island with beaches, sunshine, and cocktails by the pool is often more appealing. 

When you book vacations with companies offering guided group travel, you can choose a vacation type to suit your needs, which is then planned with well-thought-out activities. For example, an over-60s holiday package often includes activities for people of all abilities, while a Christmas vacation might incorporate some of the best festive attractions in the world. 

Skip the lines
Group trips are typically pre-organized with the management teams of popular tourist attractions and accommodation providers. This can be a convenient way for tour providers to ensure a travel group can be accommodated, but it can also add an element of luxury to any vacation. 

In many situations, pre-booked tour groups can skip lines and receive VIP treatment by getting to go ahead of many solo travelers. Being able to see attractions quicker can also mean you’re able to fit more experiences into a single day. 

More time enjoying, less time planning
Planning the perfect vacation can take several weeks or even months. By the time you start your vacation, it’s not uncommon to feel exhausted from all the stress of making sure your travel plans align. When you book a group vacation, everything has already been planned for you. You simply need to follow the provided instructions, pay your money, and get ready for an exciting holiday with maximum enjoyment and minimal stress. 

Make new friends
Traveling with friends and family is a memorable experience, but you don’t typically make an effort to befriend locals and other people you might meet on your travels. There’s a sense of comfort in the loved ones you brought with you. That can sometimes change when you form part of a travel group with strangers. 

You’re able to meet people from all walks of life, bond over shared experiences, get to know who they are and where they come from, and even make long-lasting friendships.

There’s nothing wrong with planning your own vacation with friends and family, but not everyone has the confidence to make bookings and organize an itinerary with activities, flights, and accommodation. When you’re looking for a stress-free vacation that promises excitement and new experiences, you might find that guided travel tours fulfill those requirements.

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