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Mantis Bahrain Hawar Island Hotel & Resort set to open in 2024

Accor and Edamah Introduce Mantis Brand to the Middle East with Mantis Bahrain Hawar Island.

LONDON – Accor, a world-leading augmented hospitality group with over 400 hotels across India, Middle East, Africa and Turkey, has signed a deal to open a new Mantis property on Bahrain’s Hawar Island, merging luxury with eco-tourism, while redefining adventure. 

Mantis was founded in 2000 by global entrepreneur and conservationist Adrian Gardiner and features a diverse collection of extraordinary destinations around the globe. Since joining forces in 2018, Accor and Mantis have worked together to take on new opportunities to welcome guests in authentic curated hotels, eco-lodges and waterways while prioritising the cause of sustainability and to promote further appreciation of the natural environment across every unique destination.

The group is partnering with Edamah (Bahrain Real Estate Investment Company), the real – estate arm of Mumtalakat Holding Company, the sovereign wealth fund of the Kingdom of Bahrain. Incorporated in 2006, Edamah manages a dynamic portfolio of real estate projects within the Kingdom, ranging from commercial and retail, to leisure and hospitality.

The Mantis project will be based on Hawar Island, which is a 45-minute boat ride from the Bahrain mainland and enjoys recognition from UNESCO for its natural history. Guests will have the chance to stay in overwater villas offering direct access to the sea while experiencing superior service, quality, and the beautiful island nature.

“We are looking forward to partnering with Accor to open the first Mantis brand in Bahrain on Hawar Island and welcoming visitors from across the region with the traditional warm hospitality that Bahrain is known for”, said Edamah CEO Amin Alarrayed. “The island’s pristine environment has been virtually undisturbed, resulting in a vibrant ecosystem which will appeal to nature lovers. Our aim is to showcase this natural beauty while focusing on sustainability to preserve it for future generations.”

Situated on the west coast of the Hawar Island, the property will be surrounded by a wildlife sanctuary, making it one of the first such environmentally focused projects and a one-of-a-kind destination in the Middle East. Visitors will enjoy the island’s biodiversity, which includes sand gazelles, Arabian oryx, multi-coloured coral reefs, and endangered dugongs. The island is also a delight for birdwatchers, attracting various migratory birds, particularly the Socotra cormorant.

Paul Gardiner, CEO of the Mantis Collection said: “I believe a new traveller is beginning to emerge, a more conscious one who is far more mindful about the well-being of the planet. Mantis is the ideal brand to support this ethos as we are all about curated destinations inspired by culture, conservation, community inclusion and sustainable adventures.” 

“We are noticing that travellers are now more than ever looking for authentic experiences when traveling, while remaining conscious of the environment” says Mark Willis, CEO of Accor India, Middle East, Africa & Turkey. “In fact, they are becoming even more aware of the impact that an increase in tourism has on the environment and heritages sites, which puts sustainability at the centre of seasoned traveller’s decision making, Mantis is the ideal brand to address these concerns.” 

As it is a Mantis property, a sustainable and environmentally aware approach will be used for the development of this project to respect the unique environment in which the property will be located. Initiatives and systems will be implemented to sort waste, reuse biodegradable food waste, and reduce the use of water and energy through the latest technologies to minimise the environmental impact.

Once open, the hotel & resort will feature 72 keys, along with 5 dining concepts and extensive sports and leisure facilities, such as an Adventure Park, a tennis court, a bike track, and a waterpark. Additionally, the property will have its own helipad. The property will feature two main concepts: the beach resort, which will encompass luxury accommodation units coupled with chill out zones, bars and coffee stations, meditation spaces, and other social areas for adventure and sports enthusiasts. Guests can choose from a variety of recreational activities such as morning hikes, beach walks, outdoor beach yoga sessions, and water sports.