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Allianz Global Assistance joins forces with Mastercard to make claim payments in real time


Claims payments to debit cards puts money in travelers hands faster.

RICHMOND, VA. - Leading travel insurance provider Allianz Global Assistance announced that it has joined forces with Mastercard to deliver claims payments in real time to bank accounts through debit cards. Using Mastercard Send, Allianz can now pay customers within minutes of their claim being finalized. This allows travelers to get access to their funds sooner, which may help them to pay travel expenses or replace lost or stolen items while they're still on their trip. Mastercard Send puts money in travelers' hands faster and alleviates the wait that's created when a check lands in a consumer's mailbox while they are still on their trip. 

Mastercard Send is a Push Payments service that facilitates the delivery of funds quickly and securely. These funds can then be used anywhere a debit card is accepted, including overseas. Through a single connection to the Mastercard Send platform, businesses, merchants, governments, non-profits, issuers and other senders can send money to consumers and small businesses. By digitizing personal payments that are typically handled via cash or check, Mastercard provides greater convenience, choice and security to both payment senders and receivers.

In March, Allianz Global Assistance announced the ability to make claim payments directly to customer bank accounts. Those payments are routed through the banking system and usually arrive within about two days. Currently about one-third of Allianz Global Assistance customers are choosing the direct deposit payment option when they file their claim online.

"We're pleased to offer consumers two ways to skip the mailbox and receive claim payments shortly after approval," said Joe Mason, Chief Marketing Officer at Allianz Global Assistance USA. "Mastercard Send's technology allows travelers to receive their funds anywhere in the world and use that money to pay for travel expenses, purchase essentials while their luggage is delayed or even make a deposit for their next trip." 

Earlier this year, Allianz rolled out a suite of innovations and improvements to make filing a travel insurance claim and receiving payment faster and easier. Among the innovations the company announced, were redesigned claim forms that are easier to understand and use and the ability to file an online claim from any device. Consumers can even use the company's award-winning TravelSmart mobile app to file and track claims.

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