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Arizona moving guide for 2021


For instance, if you've had enough of cold winters, you won't need to worry about them in Arizona. However, you must prepare for extremely high temperatures during summers. And that's just the first thing you ought to consider.

Contrary to popular belief, Arizona has much more to offer than just hot weather and Grand Canyon. In fact, with its breathtaking nature, welcoming cities, and fast-developing economy, Arizona has become one of the best places in the United States to live in.

However, before you start looking for a moving company to take you there, there are a few things you ought to know. Just like any other state, Arizona has its pros and cons. From the weather to living costs, there are many things you need to consider. And with that in mind, we've prepared the following relocation guide.

Make sure you read it carefully before deciding whether one of Arizona's cities should become your next home.

The weather
There's a reason why the weather is the first thing, next to the Grand Canyon, that comes into people's minds when they hear about Arizona. In fact, many refer to the state as the "Valley of the Sun," and the name is spot on.

For instance, did you know that the state's capital Phoenix gets more days of sunshine each year than any other metropolitan area in the country? On average, the summer in Arizona lasts for 300 days, making it a great place to live for hot weather lovers.

It comes with disadvantages, though, precisely one - the summer months are unbearable. From early June to late September, the temperature barely falls below 100°F, occasionally hitting even 120°F!

It's best to prepare yourself and your next home for the heat with all that in mind. Sometimes, even a thing like a garage door can make a difference in making your house heat-proof. Make sure you use the services of reliable companies like A1 Garage Door to prepare your garage, though.

Cost of living
The cost of living in Arizona is probably the most significant advantage of moving there. It's 5% lower than the national average, allowing its citizens to enjoy a higher living standard than in other states.

For example, for a four-member family, the monthly living cost in Phoenix, AZ, should close in around $2,700, excluding housing costs. If you're alone, though, these costs will drop to $800 per month.

When it comes to housing costs, if you're in for rent, you should expect to pay around $1,000 per month for a two-bedroom apartment. However, if you wish to buy a house, the cost per square foot should be around $154.

Job market
Many people are moving to Arizona in search of a job opportunity. It shouldn't come as a surprise because Arizona is one of the fastest-growing states in terms of economy.

That creates a lot of job opportunities, especially in large cities like Phoenix. Among emerging sectors, we can include tourism, industrial, aerospace, and healthcare.

Another thing about Arizona is that it's a state that's continually growing. Currently, the population of Arizona is 7.4 million people, with more moving there every year, creating higher demand, and therefore, more jobs.

A thing to know before moving to Arizona is that it isn't a necessary walker-friendly state. Moreover, without a car, you may find it extremely challenging to travel around.

Sure, the city of Phoenix has good public transportation, but the majority of Arizona is vehicle-depended. Fortunately, roadways in the state are in excellent condition and easy to navigate. For long-distance journeys, you can also consider flying by plane.

Nevertheless, the need for a driver's license is, for some people, one of the cons of moving to Arizona.

One thing for sure, you won't find Arizona boring. Moreover, with the abundance of outdoor activities, it may be challenging for you to find time to try them all.

When in Arizona, you can:

  • Enjoy the state's golf courses
  • Go mountain biking
  • Try white-water rafting
  • Enjoy a plentitude of concerts and festivals
  • Explore the Grand Canyon National Park

What's more, since Arizona's warm weather lasts all year round, you can enjoy all these activities regardless of the season.

Top cities to move
Most people who want to live in Arizona usually consider moving to Phoenix, the state's capital and most populous city. However, Arizona has more cities worth moving to, for instance:

  • Tucson - the second largest city in Arizona, called the "City of Gastronomy" by UNESCO (do we need to say more?).
  • Scottsdale - if you're into luxury and exciting nightlife, Scottsdale is the right place for you. There's a reason why many refer to it as the "Beverly Hills of the Desert."
  • Chandler - as part of the metropolitan Phoenix area, Chandler allows you to enjoy the big city's perks in peace and quiet.

Pros and cons of living in Arizona
Now that we've covered the necessary information about Arizona let's sum it all up with a list of advantages and disadvantages.


  • A whole year of warm and sunny weather
  • Relatively low average rent
  • Living cost 5% lower than the national average
  • Picturesque scenery
  • A load of activities
  • A wide variety of work opportunities


  • Summers near mid and southern Arizona can get unbearable (air-conditioning is a must)
  • Dust storms, known as Haboobs
  • The quality of education isn't the highest, excluding the Arizona State University
  • Some parts of the state often deal with a shortage of water supply
  • Urban areas like Phoenix have seen a significant increase in traffic pollution

Is the state of Arizona a place for you?
As you can see, Arizona is not the state for everyone. Like any other place, it has its pros and cons, and it's entirely up to you to decide whether living in Arizona is the right call.

For instance, if you've had enough of cold winters, you won't need to worry about them in Arizona. However, you must prepare for extremely high temperatures during summers. And that's just the first thing you ought to consider.

The best idea is to get deeper into the various pros and downsides of moving to Arizona. Analyze them to determine whether it's the right place for you to live in. After all, moving services aren't cheap, not to mention that living in a city you don't like isn't the most pleasant experience.

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