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Avanti and Italian National Tourist Board launch joint promotion and e-brochure


Focusing on four less touristed regions: Piedmont, Puglia, Sicily and Umbria.

PORTLAND, OREGON – The Italian National Tourist Board and independent travel specialist Avanti Destinations have launched a joint educational and promotional campaign with an e-brochure focused on travel to four regions of Italy with fewer tourists and much to see: Piedmont, Puglia, Sicily and Umbria.

A new 46-page e-brochure, Italy Reimagined, available on Avanti’s agent portal features a total of 16 customizable FIT itineraries, seven of which are brand new. Also new are ten hotels – some of them in towns and villages never before offered by Avanti - as well as 20 new experiences, such as spa treatments, cooking classes, “farmer for a day” activity, a 4-hour e-biking escorted tour, sports car tour, truffle hunting, gastronomic walking tours, and tastings of artisanal chocolate, local cheese, wine and olive oil.  

Most of the itineraries are relatively short modules of three or four nights, designed to be combined with each other or added onto longer custom itineraries to other Italian destinations.

Avanti sells custom-crafted itineraries for independent travelers and for custom groups of 15-100 passengers exclusively through travel agents.

Authentic experiences without the tourist crowds
“Italy is our most popular destination and one that has great potential for frequent repeat visits by American travelers,” said Paul Barry, Avanti’s executive chairman. “Many people think that if they have been to Rome, Venice, Florence, and the Amalfi Coast, they’ve ‘done’ Italy when, in fact, they’ve only scratched the surface of this diverse country. Piedmont - in the northwest at the foot of the Alps - and Puglia - along the Adriatic at the heel of the boot in the southeast - are as different as night and day in terms of history, culture, food and wine – and very different from Rome, Venice and Florence. Similarly, Umbria and Sicily give travelers dramatically different and marvelous experiences.

“This joint promotion gives travel agents many new possibilities to recommend to their clients who loved their first or second trip to Italy.  And they will get so much more out of their journey by going to less touristed, ‘undiscovered’ places,” added Barry.

Seven new itineraries, many focused on food and wine
All 16 of the customizable itineraries featured in Italy Reimagined combine cities with smaller towns and countryside, and many focus on food and wine. Each of the highlighted regions has a new 4-day/3-night “Taste of” package, which could easily be linked for a grand tour of all four regions. The three other new packages are:

  • Umbrian Elegance – 5 days/4 nights in Perugia, medieval walled capital of Umbria, and Norcia, where travelers stay in a resort featuring a Michelin-starred restaurant and spa. Includes: gastronomic walking tour of Perugia; one wine and olive oil tasting; private transfer Perugia to Norcia with tour of Assisi, Montefalco and Spoleto along the way - with wine tasting.
  • Flavors of Puglia – 7 days/6 nights in Bari, Lecce, and a choice of countryside accommodations. Includes: private Bari walking tour with lunch in a local home; private tours of the white city of Ostuni and Alberobello, famous for the traditional dry-stone dwellings called “trulli”, unique to Puglia; mozzarella, pasta and focaccia-making class with dinner; 6 days of car rental.
  • Senses of Sicily – 6 days/5 nights in Palermo and a “bio resort” just north of Agrigento offering wellness services and an organic garden. Includes private Palermo walking tour, one massage, one cooking class, three dinners, private tour of Greek ruins at Agrigento’s “Valley of the Temples”, 4 days of car rental.
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