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Benefits of embarking on a yoga retreat


Embarking on a journey of this type is not only insightful and empowering, it offers the true essence of a healthy lifestyle. If you are still clueless as to why you should include yoga wellness in your travel plans, then here are some compelling reasons to convince you.

Everyone is aware of the fact that practicing yoga has innumerable benefits, but to master the art perfectly you need to get away from routine life. Opting to spend time at a specialised yoga retreat can raise your yogic potential to an entirely different level. 

Embarking on a journey of this type is not only insightful and empowering, it offers the true essence of a healthy lifestyle. If you are still clueless as to why you should include yoga wellness in your travel plans, then here are some compelling reasons to convince you. 

Yoga allows you to relax and destress
One of the main reasons to book a yoga retreat with a reputed brand such as Vacayou, is to get away from it all. People have become so stressed with the chores of everyday life and the responsibilities that come with it, that most of their daily time is spent in survival mode. 

A retreat allows you to spend time on yourself without having to focus on other issues. Often after you leave the retreat, your state of mind will be clearer and with your batteries recharged, you will be able to tackle your problems of daily life in a much relaxed manner than ever before.

A retreat totally disconnects you from technology
Many good retreats are located in remote but scenic locations where there is no cell service or very limited connectivity. In fact mobiles, laptops and computers should always be left at home or completely switched off when attending a retreat. 

This disconnection from technology for a number of days allows one to connect better with your body and your natural surroundings. Once the temptation to talk to friends and family members back home or check emails gets subdued, you will discover that the break from the electromagnetic radiation you lug around with you all the time can save you from various ailments in the long run.

Brings you closer to nature
With so many distractions occupying our life, humans yearn for something to fill in the gap between themselves and nature to feel happier, fulfilled and better connected to the universe. The fact that most of the yoga poses are named after animals is proof enough as to how yoga practitioners have learnt to maintain their health by the imitation of these poses. 

Yoga brings you close to nature by providing a connection with air, water and earth, a reason why many yoga retreats are located in the best of natural surroundings almost everywhere in the world. Even states like New York, have quaint yoga retreats like the Shou Sugi Ban house in the pristine Hamptons. You can easily take a break from big city life by spending a few peaceful nights there. 

Gives you space to self reflect
Yoga retreats allow the individual to reflect on their lives and the actions and decisions they have taken in the long run, irrespective of whether they were or were not in their interests towards a positive path. 

Some people may be fearful of self-reflection as it may reveal emotions and make them vulnerable, but time taken to reflect can bring about clarity and visions for a better future. Time and space so created for self is very important to make the onward journey of life on a path that satisfies your dreams.

Enhances your yoga and meditation level
Even if you have been practicing yoga for many many years, embarking on a yoga retreat will surely have additional benefits. The fact remains that every time you work with a different instructor and discuss your own yoga practice with them you reap immense rewards. 

This helps in a deeper understanding of the mind, body and soul connection by focusing your energy on different areas. A retreat also gives you the opportunity to practice on your mindfulness exercises and better meditation.

Meet like minded people
One of the biggest advantages of staying in a yoga centric resort is that you will be surrounded by like minded people during the entire duration of your stay there. Since these people will be from all walks of life, a perfect platform is created to foster long lasting friendships. 

Once you experience different cultures, it is quite possible that you will get inspired by someone and learn something new altogether. As the environment around you will be positive, you will have a better chance to relax and concentrate on your own personal wellness than ever before.

Physical benefits of yoga
The various techniques adopted in yoga to induce relaxation can lessen chronic ailments like arthritis, migraine, headaches and lower back pain. Yoga has also been of immense help in reducing the blood pressure and curing insomnia. 

Some other physical benefits include:

  • Increase in muscle strength
  • Increased flexibility
  • Improvement in respiration
  • Balancing the metabolism
  • Reducing weight
  • Cardio health
  • Protection from injury

Mental benefits
Besides the physical benefits of yoga there are plenty of other qualities to aid a yoga practitioner. The main thing yoga does is to help manage stress, a malady known to have a devastating effect on the body and the mind. T

his usually results in lower levels of concentration, sleeping issues, back pains and alcohol and drug abuse. Yoga is very effective in coping with mental issues and leading to a more positive outlook towards life.

The meditation and breathing exercises incorporated in yoga practice can make a vast improvement in the well-being of a person. Regular yoga sessions relax the mind, relieves the chronic stress patterns and creates mental clarity and calmness. Moreover, yoga can help in detecting physical problems early so as to allow for quick preventive action.

Makes a person happy
It has been well established that consistent yoga practice can improve depression and thereby provide a significant increase in the serotonin levels and a decrease in monoamine oxidase enzymes and cortisol. These findings are correlated with enhanced levels of happiness and better immunity in dedicated long term practitioners.

Relaxes the system
Yoga encourages the individual to slow down the level of breathing and concentrate on the present by shifting the balance of the nervous system to create a restorative effect. This increases the flow of blood to the intestine and the reproductive organs to instil a relaxation response. It further increases proprioception and improves balance resulting in fewer falls, especially for the elderly resulting in a delayed or never admission to a nursing home.

Practising yoga on a regular basis can increase the physical as well as the mental health benefits of a person. This systematic approach to wellness focuses on the natural tendency of the various flex muscles groups present in your body towards self healing. 

Fortunately, whether you are a couch potato or a fitness freak there are so many modifications in yoga poses that anyone can easily start practising yoga. Embarking on a yoga retreat will hence be beneficial for people of all fitness levels or age. 

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