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Company's solution will provide integrated travel to U.S. Government agencies

GSA names Concur as sole ETS2 provider

Concur announced that the company’s integrated travel and expense management solution was selected to power the U.S. General Services Administration (GSA) program for managing online bookings, travel authorizations and voucher processing. Concur will support the GSA to help federal agencies realize the cost savings, compliance benefits, and reporting capabilities that arise from using an integrated travel and expense service.

"More than 15,000 organizations – including some of the largest in the world – rely on Concur to help them control travel spend and manage T&E expenses," said Steve Singh, chairman and CEO of Concur. "As the only vendor selected by the GSA to provide a solution to power ETS2, Concur looks forward to supporting the federal government for the next 15 years, bringing the perfect business trip to federal employees while driving down costs and saving the taxpayers money."

Singh continued, "We are thrilled that the GSA is leveraging the unique power of Concur’s T&E Cloud to drive down their operating costs. By choosing the market-leading provider of travel, itinerary and expense management services, all federal agencies will be able to harness the continuous innovation and best practices that Concur is delivering across the public and private sectors on a global basis."

"We are pleased to launch ETS2 for all Federal agencies and showcase its new features. With its improved usability and optimized online travel planning – travelers will be able to navigate easier and optimize travel planning to make informed cost and sustainability decisions at point-of-sale. It serves as the gateway to optimize the government’s scale and full market leverage to lower travel costs," said GSA Director of Travel and Transportation Services Tim Burke. "Additionally, ETS2’s strengthened operational environment will improve management by adopting commercial best practices in software development, data transparency and improved security controls."

Concur plans to provide additional details on the GSA award and update financial expectations during the company’s third quarter earnings call.

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