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Button selected by as their platform of choice for driving app installs and bookings in mobile

Button’s platform offers both highest conversion rates and highest converting traffic on mobile; Now any partner brand can offer properties to their customers within their mobile experiences.

NEW YORK, NY – Button has been selected by as their preferred platform for mobile partnerships, as Button’s Marketplace is an effective and scalable way for driving transactions originating from 3rd parties. They become the first online travel agent (OTA) or hotel-booking provider to pursue app installs and in-app transactions, at scale, to power their partnerships and proven affiliate marketing channel.

Button is expected to connect the app to millions of new users globally, and re-engage existing customers across their marketplace of publisher experiences. Button will help enhance their current partnerships that would previously link to mobile web but will also bring to the table Button’s growing marketplace of partners.

Button’s platform seamlessly connects consumers with the products and services they want to purchase, wherever the purchase intent manifests itself. Thus, the vast array of hotel properties on is extended to a new network of mobile apps and sites, opening up countless new app install acquisition and customer engagement channels.

“The travel industry is poised to capitalize on new ways to deliver on enormous and mostly untapped purchase intent distributed across mobile,” said Michael Jaconi, Founder and CEO of Button.

“We see over 400 percent increases in sales conversions in general when transactions are moved from a company’s mobile website to their app – and with apps becoming a larger part of most commerce companies’ strategies – Button is poised to deliver on this for more and more verticals – with travel being one of the most exciting. Our goal is to give a consumer access to anything they want at the touch of a button – and to allow them to buy the product or service they’re seeking in the fewest taps possible. Our newest partnership with and the partners they’re bringing onto the Button Marketplace are a wonderful example of why we started the company.”

“We see Button as a great technology partner and believe their solution will help us enhance the customers’ mobile booking experience,” says Paulo Cunha, Sr. Director of Global Retail and Business Development for the brand.

“Button enables us to remain connected to our customers throughout their entire journey from the point where they start dreaming about travel to offering them access to in-destination services and experiences.”

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