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Azamara enhances travel insurance program with 100% cruise protection for any reason


Destination Immersion leader Azamara implements enhanced travel policies and travel insurance program to protect guests booking close-in or in the future.

MIAMI - In a commitment to provide Azamara guests confidence and flexibility during a period of uncertainty surrounding global travel, the company has implemented a revised travel insurance program to cover all booking cancellations, regardless of the specified reason.  In addition to the Royal Caribbean Cruises Ltd. "Cruise with Confidence" cancellation policy, Azamara has taken additional steps to update the "CruiseCare" travel protection program available to Azamara guests, which will now cover a 100% cruise protection, for any reason. Azamara wants to ensure all guests are provided with the ultimate flexibility and understands that guests should not be penalized during unavoidable situations.

"While health precautions should be taken seriously and set in place, we believe providing guests with viable health and cancellation policies provides the most comfort for booking now" says Larry Pimentel, President & CEO of Azamara CEO. "Given the above sentiment, the safety and health of our guests is our top priority, therefore we're making it easy for them to plan now, or in the future, hassle free."

This new enhancement to the CruiseCare program guarantees a 100% Future Cruise Credit to U.S. guests sailing before December 31, 2021. Guests who purchase the enhanced CruiseCare protection program by April 30,2020 can plan their future vacations with confidence knowing they have the flexibility to cancel at any time, for any reason. The CruiseCare program not only covers investment protection, but also includes additional emergency medical and convenience benefits including: 

Trip Interruption: up to total trip cost if you can't start or finish your cruise vacation because you're sick or hurt, there's a death in the family or another covered reason

  • Trip Delay: up to $500 for catch-up expenses
  • Accident Medical: up to $10,000 if you get hurt on your vacation
  • Sickness Medical: up to $10,000 if you get sick on your vacation
  • Emergency Medical Evacuation: up to $25,000 if you need emergency medical transportation
  • Baggage Protection: up to $1,500 if your bags are lost, stolen or damaged
  • Baggage Delay: up to $500 to purchase necessary personal items if your bags are delayed.

Azamara understands that unexpected situations occur and wants to provide travelers with the confidence that the cancellation of their trip is fully protected - for any reason at all.

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