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Omio and Lambus come together to provide the ultimate travel experience


The travel companies join forces to make any journey a memorable one - from planning where you will go, to booking the best way there.

Omio (formerly GoEuro), Europe’s multi-modal travel booking platform announced its partnership with ‘all in one’ travel platform, Lambus. Thousands of Lambus customers will be able to go beyond just planning their next journey, to actually booking it through the Omio platform. 

The partnership is a natural fit with both companies founded to create the ultimate experience for travellers. Although there are many uncertainties of what the future of travel will look like, it has become clear that consumers want to feel empowered with more choice and flexibility. For example, in the last few months Omio has observed that one in four customers who searched for flights, ended up booking ground transportation instead.

Both Omio and Lambus have spent the last year improving their respective products to make the planning and travelling experience as seamless as possible. Through digital enhancements such as the Omio Open Travel Index, customers are able to make informed and safe journey decisions, with the latest updates from their destination; while Lambus customers can be inspired by regional travel suggestions in line with COVID-19 recommendations. 

Julian Persaud, Omio’s Chief Commercial Officer comments: “It is up to companies like ours to define what travel will look and feel like in future. Through partnering with innovative companies who share our vision and values - like Lambus - we have an opportunity to really influence how travellers start exploring the world again”.

Hans Knöchel, Co-Founder and CEO at Lambus commented: “We are always looking for ways to make our product even better, and this partnership with Omio does just that! We are excited that now our customers will have the option to book their next trip via train, bus, or flight to thousands of cities, towns and villages across Europe, the United States and Canada”. 

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