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EC’s no-deal Brexit plan announced but more still needed to ensure full connectivity

The European Commission has announced its preparations for a no-deal Brexit. ERA continues to call for a wide-reaching reciprocal aviation agreement.

With less than 100 days to go and continued uncertainty surrounding the Brexit agreement, the European Commission has shared its plans for a no-deal scenario. The EC’s Contingency Action Plan aims to limit disruption expected in key areas where ‘no-deal’ would create major issues for citizens and businesses.

Its 14 measures cover legislation addressing eight sectors, including transport and aviation. Among other things, the plan would temporarily allow flights from the UK flying into and over the EU to be allowed for 12 months to ensure ‘basic connectivity’.

These temporary measures will try to reduce the impact and ensure some continuity, but the EC has said it cannot counter all the problems it expects.

Montserrat Barriga, ERA Director General, says: “We welcome plans for extending the current agreements and are pleased to have received a response from the UK DfT confirming that they are ‘seeking fully liberalised aviation market access with the EU’. However, ERA continues to urge both parties to work towards a detailed, wide-reaching reciprocal aviation agreement to secure European connectivity to continue to fulfill business and people’s needs.”

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