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This year the foreign travel markets of North America reported a growth rate of five per cent. People in North

Europeans refused to be deterred from travelling this year. Despite Europe’s weak economic growth and risks such as the crisis

In the first eight months of this year the number of foreign trips undertaken by Russians fell by one per

ITB Berlin and IPK International examine European trends in winter holidays abroad – increase in wintertime holiday trips – winter

Shopping was found to be popular with people of all ages and regardless of education and wealth. It enjoyed equal

ITB Berlin and IPK International analyse Russian outbound trips over the last few years – Turkey and Ukraine are Russians’

South America continues to display stable growth in the market for international travel, where it has easily overtaken the countries

ITB World Travel Trends Report forecasts rise in travel to and from Europe. As expected, bookings by holidaymakers from southern

ITB Berlin and IPK International analyse the holiday preferences abroad of Germans and Britons – Germany is Europe’s most important

In 2012 Russians booked 73 per cent of their trips at the last moment, less than one month before departing.